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Research Method used is survey method, consisted of the survey of primary and secondary data. Variable perceived is maize farmer labouring maize crop to fulfill its requirement, maize farming conducted at dry farming, produce the maize farming, earnings of maize farming, medium produce, and good labour of labour in and also household outdoors labour of doorstep. Intake sampel conducted by purposive summed uply is farmer becoming sampel is 30 people deputize the population of maize farmer of counted 150 people. Result of research of there are ratio difference of between production cost and production rate at maize farming of maize of hibrida and composite maize farming in dry farming with the value R/C ratio more than 1. For the earnings of, farmer planting compared to higher maize hibrida of farmer earnings planting composite maize with the comparison ratio is 2, 60.

The success of life skill education was determined by the direct involvement of the society based on the planning, implementation, evaluation, plus advantage of the outcome. According to Arstein, the participation from the society included inside tokenism group which usually is the participation due to the particular push in purchase to make all of them agree, the statement of the same direction, the advice from the society is accepted but anyhow it became useless. The degree of the participation from the society gives much effect toward the success of life skill education in attitude change related to personal skill and academic skill. Organic farming is agricultural activities that seek the use of outside intake and avoid the use of pesticides and synthetic fertilizer. The particular results showed that this organic farmers plus conventional farmers possess the high responses associated with organic farming. Nevertheless , the characteristics associated with organic farmer possess no relation along with farmer’s respons associated with organic farming. After that, in conventional farmers, formal education and the courage to take the risks have relation with farmer’s respons of organic farming.

faktor yang mempengaruhi pola hidup sehat

To get that, the study methodology used qualitative and quantitative strategies. Quantitative data had been processed using regression test, rank Spearman test, and mix tabulation.

Typically the behavior of growers for using web media, especially utilized of mobile phones. It also had a positive utilized in the development of farming, especially inside marketing orchids inside town and on vacation. Enhancement of paddies production in Lampung done with setup of agriculture technological innovation innovation. The hard work done with player field school regarding integrated crops supervision (FFS-ICM) of paddies.

The Santri’s characteristics are expected to contribute in order to the santri’s entrepreneurship competencies. Just for this supposition, the research aim is to realize the contribution regarding santri’s characteristics, Islamic knowledge and individuality to the santri’s entrepreneurship competencies.

However , further balanced scorecard analysis indicated that the performance of the three community health centers observed in the study should still be improved. Vulnerability is a level lack of ability in a society to prevent, defuse, achieve readiness and response the impact of disaster hazards.

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